Horse Illustrated May 2022


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About the Magazine

  • News: May is Adopt a Horse month
  • Nutrition: Feeding the easy keeper
  • Style: Schooling wear
  • Vet Adventures: Dr. Diehl takes a look at trail string horses that are treated neglectfully vs. those that are well taken care of.
  • Horse People: Lauren Reischer was born with cerebral palsy but has worked hard to make her riding dreams come true.
  • Western: Jason Irwin shows you how to get a horse to stand statue-still for mounting.
  • English: Test your two-point in this excerpt from The Athletic Equestrian.
  • Equestrian Destination: Take a tour of the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Fla.
  • Care: Find out a professional groom’s greatest grooming secrets.
  • Health: Horses may not experience heart failure to the degree that humans do, but murmurs and arrhythmias aren’t uncommon.
  • Five experienced barn moms explain how they juggle raising a baby with their time at the barn.
  • Competing forces continue to battle over population growth among BLM Mustangs. Some new fertility control measures may help.
  • A noted equine-industry lawyer walks you through the situations most likely to bring about legal woes if you own a horse.
  • Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
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Horse Illustrated May 2022

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