Horse Illustrated April 2022


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About the Magazine

  • News: International pentathlon removes show jumping from its combination of sports
  • Style: Horse hair jewelry to wear a piece of your heart horse, past or present
  • Nutrition: Feed for hoof health
  • Vet Adventures: Dr. Diehl is peppered with inquiries at all hours of the day and night.
  • Your Horse Life: Jewell Cox took on the challenges of a physical disability to achieve her dream of owning a horse.
  • Fit Rider: Develop core stability for both horse and rider.
  • Adoption: The ASPCA Horse Adoption Express helps move horses to their new homes.
  • Western: Master the ranch riding long trot.
  • English: Improve your canter quality to ace all your jumping distances.
  • Care: When is a swollen leg stocked up, and when is it something more serious?
  • Health: Kissing spine has become something of a “trendy” diagnosis—find out what it is and what the outcome can be.
  • A training program in Kentucky is matching men in recovery with jobs in the horse industry that are facing a staffing shortage.
  • Hollywood horse wrangler Mary Towslee has worked with big celebrities, but prefers working with her talented horses even more.
  • Learn the basics of saddle fit to keep you and your horse in harmony and avoid pain and long-term damage.
  • Breed: The American Cream Draft Horse
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Horse Illustrated April 2022

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