Horse Illustrated June 2022


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About the Magazine

  • Nutrition: Feeding the hard keeper
  • Vet Adventures: Dr. Diehl helps a rescue mare deliver a foal.
  • Gear: Theft deterrents for equestrians
  • Horse People: Jessi Machnik survives a debilitating car accident to return to riding with the help of a special horse.
  • At Issue: Are breeds becoming too specialized?
  • Fit Rider: Tap into every day moments out of the saddle to become a better rider.
  • Western: Aaron Ralston teaches lead changes for reining or working cow horse events.
  • English: Improve your dressage scores in unexpected ways.
  • Care: Tips for caring for a horse with anhidrosis (a decreased ability to sweat).
  • Health: A recent EHV (equine herpesvirus) outbreak has horse owners on edge about travel and showing—find out what can be done to protect your horse.
  • To save money on hotel bills, you can camp in your horse trailer with these tips for eating, sleeping, showering, and more.
  • Get better MPGs for your tow vehicle when hauling a trailer with help from mechanics and other experts.
  • The horses of Angel Reins Stable are helping bring healing to survivors of human trafficking.
  • Breed: The Appaloosa and Knabstrupper
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Horse Illustrated June 2022

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