Horse Illustrated January/February 2022


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About the Magazine

  • The adoption issue:
    • The realities of running a rescue
    • Help your horse have a safe landing in future journeys if you can no longer care for him
    • Common OTTB injuries and whether they will impact a second career
  • Learn all about show jumping in modern pentathlon and why it made world news during the Tokyo Olympics—for all the wrong reasons
  • Six grooming tips to take your horse from filthy to fabulous, even during winter
  • Advances in modern medical imaging so vets can diagnose the most mysterious of injuries
  • Equestrian smartphone apps
  • Our Vet Adventures columnist gets some strange inquiries in this month’s column
  • Riding in Camargue, France showcases a landscape like any other
  • Experience mind-body rejuvenation with horses using somatic horsemanship
  • Give your groundwork meaning and notice your horse’s every move
  • Try these two simple exercises to relax your horse’s body
  • Far more than just a pretty face, the Friesian Horse excels in multiple sports
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Horse Illustrated January/February 2022

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