Horse Illustrated March 2022


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About the Magazine

    • News: What happened to the Central Park Horse Show?
    • Gear: A roundup of our favorite grazing muzzles
    • Nutrition: feeding to prevent founder
    • Vet Adventures: Dr. Diehl captures a wily horse with some help from a miniature donkey.
    • Boss Babes: Cindy Lay of the Exceptional Equestrian now sells the Kenyan Collection, which supports Maasai women in Africa.
    • Behavior: Horses can change pecking order within the herd if their living situation is altered.
    • Adoption: Caring for an orphan foal requires some special know-how.
    • Western: Master the use of split reins with help from trainer Bud Lyon.
    • English: Use 10 minutes on the longe to improve your communication in the saddle.
    • Care: Find out if your horse has risk factors for insulin resistance, and what to do if he is diagnosed.
    • Health: There are 5 core vaccines for horses, and others that are recommended depending on your horse‚Äôs location and travel situation.
    • The Oak Creek wild horse herd of Tehachapi, Calif.
    • The Endangered Equine Alliance is working to save rare breeds from disappearing.
    • A shortage of equine veterinarians is about to get worse, especially in rural areas.
    • Breed: The New Forest Pony
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Horse Illustrated March 2022

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