Young Rider March/April 2022


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About the Magazine

  • If you love taking photos of horses, become an equine photographer
  • Learn the subtle differences between the hunter, jumper, and equitation disciplines
  • Follow these steps to help you visualize and master the sliding stop
  • Young riders in Mongolia have a tough but free life, a lot like the people who live with them
  • You may not have realized you’re picking up these five lessons at the barn during your horse time
  • A spring vet checkup will have your horse ready for a season of fun
  • How to assemble an equine first-aid kit so you’re ready to go before an emergency strikes
  • Since the sport of hobby horsing is popular in Finland, so Mica decided to create her own to ride
  • Two DIY Horseshoe Crafts
  • Art gallery drawings from youth your age
  • Letters from readers and three cheers for six issues
  • Me & My Horse photo gallery
  • A double-sided poster
  • Learn about the Andalusian and Lusitano, two powerhouse breeds from the Iberian Peninsula
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Young Rider March/April 2022

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